Remove Biofilm Without Using Chemicals!
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Investment pays for itself in a very short time
  • Sends out ultrasonic signals in a patented way
  • Removes and prevents the growth of bacteria, limescale, algae, smallpox and shells both in the short and long term
  • Ecologically responsible, protects human & animal health
  • Reduce your fuel emissions and carbon footprint
  • Prevents long term damage
  • Can be used in various facilities, resistant to water, heat and cold. Can be attached to any surface that is connected to a liquid



Irrigation systems Greenhouse plantations Water supply pumps reservoirs & pipes

Fish Farm

Fish Tanks Water Supply Pumps Reservoirs & Pipes


The hull, Pipe & Plate Coolers, Fuel and
Water tanks & coolers


Emergency showers
Rainwater wells

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools
Swimming & fishing ponds

Pleasure boating




Holiday Homes

Water tanks
Water boilers

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm consists of bacteria that attach themselves by a self-produced mucus. They form a layer that is difficult to remove. More bacteria, but also micro-organisms and yeasts can attach and develop on this layer.

A fully functioning biofilm is like a living tissue on the inside of pipes, storage tanks, wells, etc. It is a complex collaboration of different types of microorganisms, each living in their favorable climate. Even in our drinking water system, more than 99% of bacteria are part of the biofilm that is deposited on the inside of the pipes.

Glycocalyx, also called Extracellular Matrix or EPS (Extracellular Polymer Substance), can contain 90 or even 95% of the biomass of the biofilm, the rest is bacteria. Because glycocalyx contains a lot of water, a surface covered by its biofilm is considered very smooth and gelatinous. After that, the glycocalyx can catch other bacteria that will multiply and build their glycocalyx

Quantum UltraSonic can be used in various facilities and is tailored to the circumstances.

Our equipment is custom made, resistant to water, heat and cold and can be mounted on any surface that is connected to a liquid.

The Dangers of Untreated Biofilm

Development of pathogens
Development of mycotoxins
Damaged liver
Weakened immune system
Increased health costs
Oxidation of installations
Higher maintenance costs

And much more...



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