A safe and effective disinfection method!

100% Organic
Antiviral & Antibacterial
Kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses within 1 minute after contact
Human & animal friendly, gentle on the skin
Contains no chemical composition / residue
No color & smell

Protective disinfection inspired by our immune system.

Quantum Mist, also known as HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) originates from our immune system with the aim of protecting our body from harmful pathogens. By electrolyzing water and salt in a very specific way, a very powerful disinfectant is created that is completely safe for humans & animals.

Over Quantum Mist

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) carries no electrical charge, allowing it to move through our cells and penetrate the safe barriers around germs to oxidize the bacteria in seconds.

Proven effective
The effectiveness of HOCl has been documented in several international studies. But only recently, production technology has enabled us to produce a stable version of HOCl. This allows a long shelf life as well as alternative deployment methods such as atomization, while preserving the molecular structure. Our solution is a highly effective, inexpensive, organic and non-toxic liquid made from water and salt. We don't need more than these two ingredients.

Safe for humans and animals
HOCl is completely safe for humans & animals. One of the reasons why HOCl can only recently be used to replace all other harmful disinfectants is because HOCl is a gas, not a liquid. It has always been difficult to produce stable HOCl outside the human body.

The best HOCI in the world
Quantum Projects, however, uses high-quality -Dutch engineered and patented- generators which are proven to produce one of the purest and most stable form of HOCl.


HOCl is a very potent microbicidal agent. Therefore, it can be used in all possible disinfection applications, for example: Clinics, hospitals, animal husbandry, hospitality, poultry, drinking water treatment, food processing

It can also be used for wound treatment applications (e.g. diabetic foot, burns), dental treatment and so on.

HOCl can be used with nebulizers/nebulizers for nebulizing public areas, schools, sports competitions, festivals, cinemas, hotels, airplanes, restaurants, museums and so on.


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