Change your thoughts and you change the world.

Change your thoughts and you change the world. We work together with nature to improve the air, water and living environment for humans and animals.

For humans and animals: We use our own body defense system to set the standard for protecting humans and animals from all kinds of viruses and bacteria that don't serve us.

For industry: we ask nature what it takes to improve the environment. By observing nature and using biomimicry.

Production facility
Our production facility is located in Assen, the Netherlands. Here we produce our perfect HOCl product in a very careful manner. Safety and hygiene are guaranteed. Testing is carried out in our own professional R&D laboratory, as well as other certified independent laboratories.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We believe that nature is the solution to many issues. That is why we handle it with care and do our best to minimize the burden on the environment. Our products are 100% organic and non-toxic to humans and animals.

In our production facility we use special current filters to improve and stabilize the voltage, improve the power and extend the life of the machines.

We reserve 2% of our annual profit for HOCl projects in Africa

Quantum Mist is designed, tested, manufactured, patented and perfected in the Netherlands.
We work closely with our suppliers to meet all our customer needs.


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