Our areas of interest


We believe a combination of hydropower, waste to energy, sustainable energy saving solutions and bio based batteries will provide affordable and truly clean energy for many communities around the world.


Ever growing population and reduction of arable land force us to revert to innovative solutions to ensure sufficient food production to feed our planet.
We are invested in various high impact companies working on this.


Comfortable, Safe and Healthy Air is one of the most important elements of life.
Our innovative technologies achieve this on a large scale, without use of gas and enable >70% reduction in energy consumption.


Thru disruptive and sustainable health technologies we can bring affordable and effective healthcare to those communities that need it the most


Robotics & AI will play a major role in the furure of mankind. Both on our planet and in space, both in domestic and commercial applications.


Our technology has enabled over 1400 wells to be drilled at over 98% accuracy, thanks to patented algoritmic AI steered analysis software.

a glance into our portfolio


 The most advanced and sustainable surface & air purification technology in the world.  Used by the premier hospitals, sports teams, educational facilities and corporations, our ActivePure systems will prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens amongst your family and staff.


The future of sustainable indoor climate and ventilation. The Suwotec System creates a perfect indoor climate with constant air humidity, CO2 and temperature conditions without the use of gas and meanwhile reducing energy consumption by over 70%.


A multiversatil substance produced by our own immune system. HOCl significantly contributed to solve the Covid19 pandemic in Wuhan, China.
Produced in the Netherlands since 2008, the future of sustainable disinfection is here!


Enershield Air Barriers provides significant energy and production cost savings by creating high kinetic an effective air seals on large doorways. Used by premier airports and pharmaceutical & food processing warehouses. Enershield keeps out unwanted air, humidity and insects.

AI Lab

 SkyQuest Labs is the future of blood analysis, allowing GP's to obtain blood analysis results of over 100 parameters within 10 minutes via an AI driven, cloud based reporting portal. Perfect for remote clinics the technology is proven in over 50 labs with over 7 million reports produced.


WaterQuest is an eco-conscious socially responsible program based on Artificial Intelligence driven Virtual Prospecting that allows us to predict at 98% accuracy the exact geographic location to succesfully drill for water in the most water scarcity locations on earth.

Back to normal!

Since the outbreak of Covid19, many catering, gyms, shops and institutions had to close their doors. To prevent infections, we have had to deal with lockdowns and all their consequences for a long time.

With the arrival of the Quantum Air solutions we can finally go back to "normal". Using patented ActivePure technology developed by NASA, our systems protect not only the air you breath up to 99.97%, but also all your surfaces! Verified by the highest certified third party laboratories in the world.

Entire cities have now experienced the benefits of ActivePure technology with schools remaining open en infection numbers dropping since installation.

Do you want to make your environment pandamic resilient? Or do you want to stop suffering from asthma, fine dust pollution and allergies? Contact us and allow our team of renowned scientists to convince you how.


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